Red Sox Baseball

Red Sox Baseball on The River is brought to you by: Hanover Country Club, Frazers Place-Windsor Vermont, LaValley Building Supply-West Lebanon, Walpole, Claremont, Newport, Ludlow, Rutland, Quechee Pizza Chef, Anytime Fitness-West Lebanon, Young’s Propane-White River Junction, Casella Waste Systems-White River Junction, The Vermont Flannel Company.
Pre-game Schedule:

Date                                        Game                                      Airtime / First Pitch

Friday, February 23                Sox vs. Twins                         1:00p / 1:05p


Saturday, February 24                        Sox vs Rays                            1:00p / 1:05p


Sunday, February 25              Sox vs Orioles                         1:00p / 1:05p


Monday, February 26                        Sox at Pirates                          1:00p / 1:05p


Tuesday, February 27                        Sox vs Cardinals                      1:00p / 1:05p


Wednesday, February 28        Sox vs Pirates                          1:00p / 1:05p


Thursday, March 1                 Sox at Astros                          1:00p / 1:05p


Friday, March 2                      Sox at Cardinals                      1:00p / 1:05p


Saturday, March 3                  Sox vs Yankees                       1:00p / 1:05p


Sunday, March 4                    Sox at Orioles                          1:00p / 1:05p


Monday, March 5                  NO GAME


Tuesday, March 6                  Sox at Rays                             1:00p / 1:05p


Wednesday, March 7              Sox vs Twins                          1:00p / 1:05p


Thursday, March 8                 Sox vs Rays                            1:00p / 1:05p


Friday, March 9                      Sox at Marlins                         1:00p / 1:05p


Saturday, March 10                Sox at Twins                           1:00p / 1:05p


Sunday, March 11                  Sox vs Orioles                         1:00p / 1:05p


Monday, March 12                Sox at Blue Jays                      1:00p / 1:05p


Tuesday, March 13               NO GAME


Wednesday, March 14            Sox at Twins                           1:00p / 1:05p


Thursday, March 15               Sox vs Blue Jays                     1:00p / 1:05p


Friday, March 16                    Sox vs Twins                          6:00p / 6:05p


Saturday, March 17                Sox vs Rays                            1:00p / 1:05p


Sunday, March 18                NO BROADCAST SCHEDULED


Monday, March 19                Sox vs Phillies                         1:00p / 1:05p


Tuesday, March 20                Sox vs Pirates                          1:00p / 1:05p


Wednesday, March 21            Sox at Rays                             1:00p / 1:05p


Thursday, March 22               Sox at Orioles                          1:00p / 1:05p


Friday, March 23                    Sox at Yankees                        1:00p / 1:05p


Saturday, March 24                Sox vs Astros                          1:00p / 1:05p


Sunday, March 25                  Sox at Twins                           1:00p / 1:05p


Monday, March 26                Sox vs Cubs                            6:00p / 6:05p


Tuesday, March 27                Sox vs Cubs                            1:00p / 1:05p